This story was entered into a short story competition for Short Story Day Africa. Enjoy.

The red blue flashes numbed my brain. I stood and saw the blood on my hands.

I had been enticed by his honeycomb lips. He gave me my heart’s desire except he took my freedom. He tracked me like a bloodhound on the hunt. I had wondered about his profession and he told me he dealt in bodies and beauty.

Then one day things changed. I was wandering around the house bored with the mundane routine I had developed when I came across a locked door. I felt the top of the jamb and found the key. I opened the door and saw an opulent room. There were velvet curtains. A table laid for a romantic dinner for two. In the corner was a four-poster bed and petals were strewn everywhere. So this was the secret project he was working on. I gently moved my hand across the curtain when I hit something hard. I moved the curtain. I was shocked. There were 12 doors which looked remarkably like those found on a CSI mortuary scene. I slowly examined the labels on the doors. Then I paused. My heart stopped. He planned to make me the next victim.

Nicola Tapson © 2015

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