Another submission for Short Story Day Africa 🙂

He said it would be OK. He said we shouldn’t worry. He had done this thing before. He was a veteran. I, on the other hand, had never even conceived of the idea. I was a novice. I was going to learn but what if I didn’t want to learn. What if this lesson was something I only wanted to be taught later in life. But he said it would be our little secret and no one needed to know.
It never really sat well with me but I let him. I allowed him access to my vulnerability. He ripped me to shreds. He didn’t even leave anything behind. If only I had known. I would have kept it hidden, secured tightly in a box. Not exposed. Never to be read. If only I had known he was a brutal editor with no shame with a red pen.

Nicola Tapson © 2015

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