Sally slowly popped the last silky chocolate in her mouth.

“HEY! What are you doing?” boomed her mother’s voice.

Sally jolted up and pushed the empty box under her bed.

“N..n…nothing” stammered Sally.

“Nothing!” said Mom as she inched closer to Sally.

Sally looked towards the floor. Her mom followed her gaze and saw the edge of the box peeking out from under her bed.

“Is this nothing?” asked her mom as she lifted the empty box of chocolates.

Sally didn’t dare to look up. “Well, no chocolates for you tomorrow”

“But…” Sally started to whimper.


The next morning her brother came bounce into her room with his box of chocolates. “Hey Sally! Look what cupid AKA mom left for me.”

“Oh. I didn’t get any” said Sally sullenly.

“Oh no. I am sorry Sally. You can have mine” He was always kind to her.

She smirked and took the chocolates from her brother.

“Hey Sally, where did you get those chocolates.”

“They’re mine. It seems like cupid forgot about Sally” said Frank as he winked to their mother.

“No Frank. Cupid didn’t forget about Sally. She ate hers yesterday”.

Sally slowly closed the box and gave it back to Frank.

He looked at Sally. “It’s OK sis. You can have them”.

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